TristarFuel Logistics

Liquid fuel logistics

Tristar is a liquid logistics solutions provider catering to the downstream petroleum and chemical industries across the Middle East, Africa, Central America and Asia. Tristar handles all types of  refined hydrocarbons, lubricants, chemicals and liquid gases. The company offers integrated services covering road transport, ocean transport, river transport, warehousing, fuel farms, into plane and turnkey fuel supply solutions. Tristar owns 24 ocean-going vessels and a fleet of 1,500 road tankers and trucks, and owns and operates the largest fuel farm in the Pacific located in the island of Guam in addition to several fuel farms in East and West Africa, and Central America.

Surface Transport
Ocean Transport
Coastal Bunkering
Fuel Supply Solutions
Specialized Warehousing
Fuel Farm Management
Avitation Fuel Supply
Into Plane Fuel Supply
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